Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome to this world!

Since the day they left the hospital –they came home two months after they were born as they started their life in the incubator- our twins hardly ever wear identical clothes. We do buy and make identical items in different colors but they do not wear them the same days.
As parents we are not fond of putting them in identical clothes, because we want to raise them as two individual little boys, especially as they have two completely different characters.
On top of that Omar and Elias don’t like to be mistaken for each other and by wearing different outfits we reduce that problem significantly. Our boys would love to be just brothers and no longer twins!
Here a golden oldie (2006), they just left the hospital!

Regardless of my own aversion to identical outfits, as soon as someone else delivers twins, I do offer matching clothes!
Welcome to this world Enrico and Alessandro. We flocked a short and T-shirt with their names on it for the ‘identical’ brothers, as well as a vest (I love sleeveless shirts for little boys). One vest says ‘Copy’ and the other says ‘Paste’.

Also Baby M and her two brothers get a present today. The brothers of Baby M are members of the same rugby club as our kids –The Hurricanes. A member of the club is called a Hurricane. So we found some (P)inspiration at this blog and flocked Big Hurricane, Little Hurricane and Baby Hurricane. All three the kids get their own pajamas with matching slogan.

Congratulations to the proud parents!

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