Saturday, 4 February 2017

Wadi Bih 2017

This weekend our yearly family run: Wadi Bih 2017.
The wind tried to make us quit and ... we almost did!

Omar was blown away by heavy wind blowing through the wadi, he got lifted and slide over the road till he was stopped by some rocks on the side of the road. 

We continued to run, after the majority of the family wanted to give it a try. The wind was less heavy inside the smaller part of the Wadi and it got easier to run. We finished the full 52km in just over 5 hours. For the first time ever Felix did about 1.5 kilometers on his own and another 1.5 kilometer with mum. At the end we faced rain and the temperatures were very cold with a minimum of 9˚C.

Back home we found a lot of flower pots blown away by the wind.

Wadi Bih 2017: once again a great memory.