Monday, 26 August 2013

Goodbye Belgium

The last couple of weeks we had a joyful time with our family.
The four eldest did summer camp with three of their nephews. 

The three nephews slept over and the whole week was nice but busy. Especially during morning time, when making lunch boxes for all seven, there was no time to waste.

We had a great time in the garden of grandpa and grandma, with all grandchildren around a campfire. The grass will be ruined for a good while.

We visited the idyllic graveyard of the ancestors of the kids.

Omar and Elias celebrated their 7th birthday.

A last bike trip in our beloved green Flemish Ardennes made us realize it is time to start packing our bags and switch the forest and the prairies for another year in the desert.

The winners of this give away are: Juffra Toertjes and blancouleur. Thanks in advance for mailing your postaddress

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

La douce France

Our trip to the Belgian coast was followed by a short stay ‘at home’. We had just enough time to wash the clothes before leaving for a three day trip to France.
I have a lot of delightful memories about my trips to the Bourgogne, more specifically the Morvan, as a guide on youth summer camps.
It was time to take my own kids and build their ‘Morvan Memories’.

We build water dams and played in the water.

We walked for hours and often we were obligated to climb.

We did some gymnastics.

Once and a while we needed a break and or something to eat.

We enjoyed nice sunsets although Omar still has to move around, he decided the sunset looks nicer when doing push ups.

We collected wood for a campfire.

We enjoyed the heat of the fire and the listening to ‘cool’ stories.

We did not brush our hair.

The flowers, butterflies and other creatures enjoyed the attention they got from the kids.

The brother-, sisterhood was very tight. 

We enjoyed fully during this trip and are already making vivid plans for our next trip to the Morvan. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Belgian coast: part 2

The kids did a gymnastics summer camp just before we took off to Belgium. Since then they don’t stop trying out the new tricks they have learned, both on appropriate and the most inappropriate places.

Climbing traffic poles.

Straddle sit on small wooden traffic poles.

Handstands in the sand.

Handstands on mummy her shoulders.

Boxpslit on dad his hands.

Boxsplit in the sand.

A trick on mummy her neck.

We enjoyed our trip and said goodbye to the beach with a ‘sunset-picture’.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Belgian Coast

We went a couple of days to the Belgian Coast. Our nephews were staying there as well; after a year of communication through skype we could finally really play together again.

Some typical ‘Belgian Coast’ (iPhone) pictures:

Dipping in the cold North Sea.

Making paper flowers.

Skin boarding.

Building sandcastles and getting excited when the sandcastle gets destroyed by the waves.

Playing in the sand.

Riding Go Cars in a line with all the nephews.

Catching crabs.

Eating NorthSea shrimp we caught with our little net (we only managed the catch 12 so the amount of shrimp in the NorthSea did not really get affected by our attempt to catch shrimp).

And last but not least a pictures on the ‘golfbreker’.