Thursday, 27 June 2013

Last day...

The last day at school, at swim class, at speech therapy, at gymnastics,… So it is time to thank ALL the teachers and coaches of our kids.
Besides the usual tshirts and pencil cases we gave Playmobil.
Last summer we were charmed by the ‘limited edition’ of Playmobil launched for the Olympic Summer Games in London.

To thank the gymnastic coaches we glued some Playmobil figures in a small home-decorated box.

Not the most useful present we ever handed out, but according to us a great souvenir. Thanks a lot to everyone who helps our kids to grow.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Disobedient robbers

A quick stopover at the carpenter, the kids were told to stay quietly in the car. A minute later there were three standing alongside of me. 

All three barefoot!

Turning a deaf ear to my warnings about nails and wood splinters; the stopover was to exciting and instructive.
Sticks to battle!

A corner store with ice cream was invaded.

Luckily none of the spectators could have cared less how dirty the kids looked or how scantily they were dressed.

Five minutes later their feet were embarrassingly dirty and we packed to go home and take a bath.

Friday, 21 June 2013


The numerous cute fabrics in our workroom make it hard to choose the perfect combination for a project; besides the children’s choice does not always match our own preferences. Consequently we made more than 1 version of the ‘Jacoba’ dress for both daughters.
Today we present Jade in the red version. 

The green fabric is very nice Japanese fabric with a touch of retro. We discovered this fabric on the cute site of Fifi Jolipois.
We bought a small piece that was used for a previous project and by the time we wanted to order a next piece of the fabric, Fifi Jolipois ran out of stock in the desired color. A far too long online search brought me here, the same fabric in various colors.

Louka in her teal dress with red accents; the red Kokeshi fabric was also bought at Fifi Jolipois.

Despite my arguments that puffed sleeves are more for small children, I was disallowed to leave out the sleeves in the first version of the dress. For the second dress I got permission and the sleeves were cut but not attached.

This dress needs pictures of kids swirling around.

Red and teal solid fabric: Kona Solids of Robert Kaufman, bought @ Classic Quilts & Quilting

Thursday, 20 June 2013


This title assumes a blog post about these famous pants. Nevertheless this blog post regards ‘Jacob’, a little retro shop in Ghent. We live in a so-called shopping paradise; still I prefer shopping in my hometown. This summer we will surely visit the shop and hopefully find children’s clothes to spend some money on.
As I patiently have to wait a couple more weeks before I will be able to shop back home, I spoiled our youngest with a homemade version of this ‘Jacob dress’.

We bought this dress last summer in Jacob and meanwhile the dress became far too short for jade.

The original dress is vintage, swirls around perfectly, and fits Jade perfectly; but is made out of uncomfortable fabric.
It is her absolute favorite dress –she even sometimes wears it to go to bed!

Thus, the youngest daughter got a Curl Up version of the Jacob dress.

When her older sister saw the dress, she insisted on getting an identical copy for herself.

And … what we usually avoid for our twin boys –dressing them identically- we exceptionally did it for the girls; they got identical dresses!

The details of the Curl Up-Jacob-dress match the details of the original vintage dress. The actual pattern was drawn by me. I used the basic perfect fit bodice from our girls as basis and added sleeves and a collar. The skirt is a 2/3 circular skirt. The dress swirls just like the original one and the fabric we used is more comfortable. Mission accomplished!

For all the Jacob-pants-lovers … the pattern finally got assembled and we are working on our own version of the pants, some more patience and then you get pictures of the result!

Royal blue fabric: Robert Kaufman his Kona Solids bought @ Classic Quilts & Quilting
Flower fabric: bought @ Cozette

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hoody: the boys’ version

The last two pieces in the 'hoody-series' were created. So now also the boys have their own hoody.
They each choose a different color Viking fabric, but since the hoodies are finished they both claim they choose the blue fabric.
Anyway we temporary solved that issue and they proudly present you their new hoodies.
Handstand is the preferred pose of all our kids at the moment!

I used the same pattern and procedure to make the hoodies as described in the previous hoody posts. In answer to the questions we got, adding a zipper to the pattern does not complicate the sewing process it makes it even easier to make the hoody reversible.

Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, 3 June 2013


I dropped my pin-heads twice in half an hour’s time. Sometimes it is just bedtime!

See you tomorrow ...