Monday, 28 January 2013

Queen of all runs

4h29’30” it took us, V and myself, to run the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon.
V raised the idea to run the marathon, queen of all runs, about two months ago. I love a goo challenge so we eagerly subscribed ourselves.
Because of lack of time (training for a marathon just takes too much time) and a bunch of other lame excuses we nearly didn’t train.
Friday everything ran smoothly: misty weather –so thankfully not too hot the first part of the course-, we had ‘good legs’ and I had a motivated partner to pep me up. We ran the whole marathon (not even walked once) and are pretty proud of our time.

To all the other marathon runners a genuine sorry: we laughed with your clothes, the color of your running shoes, the way you run, your coiffure,… there was no other way, as we would never have finished without having a laugh with all of you.
genuinely amazing experience! Burj Khalifa was sitting by and approved our performance.

After reaching the finish line I finally took the time to draw the names of the winners of the Petit Pan GiveAway. Congratulations to Storm & Co and Het Meisje van de Zeppelinfabriek, you both won two meters of Petit Pan fabric.
And in the flush of victory we launch another fabric GiveAway; two packages with each 2 meters of Michael Miller’s Little Chef fabric.
Thank you Tahir!

You can participate by joining/following this blog and leaving a reaction at this blogpost. Once there are 339 followers, on the English and Dutch blog altogether we will randomly pick two winners!
Good luck!


  1. Congratulations on your marathon run!! and thanks for another great giveaway!

  2. Wauwie a marathon !!!
    I'd like to participate on this give away !!
    Greets BieFrul ...