Thursday, 10 January 2013

Birthday Girl

Saturday it was the ninth birthday of our eldest daughter. Saturday she had cake, she had a friend come over to celebrate, she wore a crown and she got presents.
The crown was put back on today because one gift she didn't receive yet, as it wasn't completely finished.

Our daughter is a diligent child! She loves sports, reading, and doing craftwork, but above all she loves cooking.
So we wrapped a homemade apron and put it in this little brown bag. The apron was only assembled very last minute out of a patch of Little Chef fabric that was just bought the day before yesterday.

The other side is made of Wasabi Blue of our favorite brand Petit Pan and finished off all round with fluorescent orange bias binding.

Our daughter often comes trotting along –once in a while really untimely- asking if she can cook something. Mostly that means mixing up really bizarre combinations of food in our Babycook machine.
She writes down the recipes and photographs the dish. A glimpse on one of her ‘famous’ recipes: ‘Le mosarela et les trois tomate’ and ... have a look at the picture she took of the dish! There are at least twenty tomatoes covering the mozzarella instead of just three. Hilarious!

Anyway, the notebook she uses costed only 20 eurocent and so the cover does not really look nice or anything. So I made an oilcloth cover for her precious recipe book!
She also got an oilcloth purse, because if she cooks, she needs to buy ingredients.

She also got a reusable shopping bag.

The shopping bag was currently stuffed with 2 cooking books for kids. She was well pleased and an hour later her first tomato-zucchini soup was simmering.

The pattern of the shopping bag comes from ‘Zo geknipt’. I do not necessarily need a pattern for such a bag, but then I bought some books and I might as well use them. Honestly … I have to give credit where credit is due: the bag was ready in no time and without gnashing! The pattern and assembling method are ideal as you can also use the bag inside out without revealing ugly seams.

Consequently we decorated the inside of the bag with a fluorescent pink star; if ever she wants the inside to be the outside.

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