Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wadi Bih 2016

We did it again ... the Wadi Bih run.
This time we did the family run, a 52 km relay race.
A family run, so we had family Tshirts.

Some legs have to be run with 4 runners and other parts solo.

Plan: the kids will maybe total 10-15 km and mum and dad will do the remaining 35-42 km.
It turned out differently: the kids rocked it and the 3 older ones did about 34 in total. Jade added 3,5 km and Felix did 1,8 km. 

Not a lot left for mum and dad to run ... we were banned to sitting in the car.
We enjoyed and proudly watched our little runners hand over the relay stick, we watched the sunrise, we handed them water and cuddled their tired but satisfied bodies.

Daddy said -I quote- Best trip we ever did with the family.
Omar and Elias said: Relay is to easy, next year we do the full thing solo!

See you in 2017 Wadi Bih.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Thanks for your motivational messages!
We are working on this right now ...

Goal: Finish this project before the end of winter break 2015-2016. We are still on schedule.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Xmas and doubts

The girls requested a nightgown for Xmas. They got what they wished for in the colors and fabric they requested.

Doubts arose when I wanted to take pictures for the blog, should I still blog about the things we make? So many items have not been posted as we have no time, the kids don't want to model them or by the time I want to take pictures they are already starting to wear out.

Anyhow we have decided that although we do not post very often nowadays, we really enjoy doing so and we especially enjoy having lots of pictures from the kids. So see you -hopefully soon!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Baby Happiness

Zo Geknipt pattern, Petit Pan fabric, and KamSnaps. Perfect picture!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Summer Sewing #4

The last two pieces we have sewn this summer were two Alasya yogapants, Ottobre 4/2015.

Again a great pants to show some tricks, although our gymnast claims the pants does not allow her to do full splits?!

We also made one in a neutral fabric. The fabric stays very good even after a couple of washes it does not change colors. The flight dusk series interlock on the other hand washes off rather quickly.

 First she puts them on ...

 Then off course, she shows more tricks ...

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Summer Sewing #3

Surprisingly enough our eldest wanted something the little one got! Usually it is the other way around.

She choose the fabric she liked in a Belgian online shop (I forgot @ which one we found it). I did not bother too much about the details mentioned in the pattern, the waistband was a simple contrasting line of elastic fabric instead of a tunnel with a rope.

Fast but beautiful and easy we used elastic binding to finish all openings. It was the first time ever I used elastic binding and I have to admit easy and clean!

According to our fashionista the back side should have been the front so we made a note for next time!

When clothes fit well our children have the urge to proof it by means of gymnastics skills.
So here we go again. This time showing off aerial and back somersault.

Pattern: Knippie, nr3 year 2015