Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Selfie squared

Selfie squared: a selfie of a Tshirt for my’self’.
This Froy and Dind fabric sat gathering dust for a couple of weeks now. Last week after a stressful day I desperately grabbed the scissors, on old pattern I made up long before I knew there was a blog-world out there! Two days later -time to sew is rare these days- the top was ready to be worn! The joy off finally having made something again was great.
The lack of a photographer forced me into taking selfies, and as it is a rather long Tshirt it was impossible to capture a good image of it with only one picture.
Nevertheless, this collage gives you an idea of the result.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

VIP Palm tree

We often see funny, weird and or crazy things here; and today I saw a VIP palm tree. While driving on Sheikh Zayed Road I saw a helicopter transporting a palm tree. The picture isn't awesome because I had only 1 shot with 1 hand, but I still feel I want to share it with you.

Both helicopter and palm did not really seem to enjoy the ride.
A close up of the VIP palm tree.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Shoulder bag # 3

We already announced we were making a third one, and now the bag is ready. 

Just like the previous one this bag is the smaller version of recipe 27 from Zo Geknipt 1.
This time around we did not use special webbing (just a piece we made from the same fabric of bags’ fabric), but we did make another piece of macramé to help open the tiny zipper.

The piping is gold color and we ironed some home-cut golden birdies on the plain outside fabric of the bag. 

I have more bags now than ever, and can change them around depending of my mood!
Next time maybe something from Zo Geknipt 2 - maybe that lovely the sleeping bag?
Pattern: The pattern is recipe 27 from the book Zo Geknipt.
Fabric: Came from my huge stash of fabric and I have no clue where I bought it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Billy times three

This was the first in a series of 'limited edition' Billy bookcases; meanwhile we made three more.
And two for the girls' bedroom.

One for the boys' bedroom.

I venture to say I am an expert now. Everybody who hesitates to make his own version I would say: just do it!
It is fun, easy and the result is stunning.

I assemble the whole cabinet (do not nail the backpanel to the shelves), and mark the desired height of the shelves. Remove the backpanel, cut the fabric at the correct size. Prepare some white glue (schoolglue, or woodglue) by mixing it with water until it is a watery solution. Somewhere between 1(water)/1(glue) and 2 (water)/1 (glue).
Now comes the secret trick: soak the fabric and wring the fabric out; thus you avoid squander your glue mixture (you will need less glue mixture if you wet the fabric beforehand) and it will be easier to apply the glue. Place the fabric on the appropriate spot and apply the glue mixture.
Let it dry, put the backpanel back in the cabinet frame, place the shelves and ... admire your new piece of furniture.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


The kids are off school this week.
It was very quiet in the house this morning.
It seemed as if they were getting into mischief.
I checked what was going on and found this …

They displayed all our Playmobil, toy cars and Duplo.

Silence can be beautiful.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A quick recipe from Zo Geknipt 1 before the second part of the book is being delivered

The large version of this shoulder bag was showing some abrasion, as it was only made from cotton off course its life span is restricted.
As our youngest is no longer wearing diapers in the day we decided to go for the smaller version of recipe 27 this time around.

The fabric for a third bag -the smaller version again- is already cut because this one greatly pleased me.

Pattern: The pattern is recipe 27 from the book Zo Geknipt 1.
Fabric: The decorative fabric came from a shop in Paris, very close to the Sacre Coeur. The plain fabric -navy blue canvas 100% cotton- was bought @ a local uniform shop.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Jacob for the girls

Jade got a bright blue long leg pants with pink piping on the pockets.

Jade turned six years yesterday and where other children would shoot this from the rooftops, Jade came home crying from school because her brothers told the other kids it was her birthday. She did not like that as she loves to be lost in the crowd. All her siblings love getting attention she doesn’t.

Luckily at home she reminds us regularly that she is around as well.

Louka got a green pants with fluorescent orange piping as finishing touch on the pockets. 

The pants is already slightly too short, but there are four siblings waiting to pass the pants onto, which makes this mistake more easily digestible.