Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crown with chalkcloth

Here you could already see a glimpse of him! Our birthday party crown. 

We made it easy on ourselves by copying this model for our version of the crown.
Just like her we like continuity and even more we aim for sustainability. So we made a crown that can easily be reused.
To avoid ‘last minute’ unpicking of wrong numbers, followed by sewing on the correct one, we attached a small round of chalkcloth on the crown. So we only have to write down the correct number on the fabric with chalk or a chalkboard pen and after the party you can just remove it with a damp cloth. And … ready for reuse.

Some of the rounds were attached following her guidelines to make ‘Rrrounds’ and other rounds of chalkcloth were just sewed on with a coarse zigzag stitch.

The crown is also reversible; a nice scrap of fabric either side, a round of chalk on both sides and now visible seams unless the purposely colorful ones to attach the chalkcloth. At least our birthday party pictures will vary a little.

The elastic at the back ensures the crown fits the head of all our kids, ranging from 18 months till 9 years.

When I make something and I am happy with the result I tend to make a couple of them in series; a matter of always having gifts at hand.
Jade proudly presents you her favorite specimens.

And then she had enough of it!

The giveaway has come to an end and Saturday we will announce the winners and the next giveaway is ready to be launched, so join this blog if you want to give it a try.

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