Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ten fingers and ten toes

You were warned about the upcoming baby boom and you already saw the diaper basket; but baby Alfons is finally born, so we present you the rest of his presents!
He got three lovely blankets! He might live in a warm country, but the air-conditioning is often set way to low so he might as well have enough blankets. His mum choose the fabrics and we buckled down to the details.
The smallest blanket (85cm on 70cm) is made of a layer of soft white interlock and a layer of flannel with very nice turqouise elephants. Both layers are separated by blooming yellow piping.

A second blanket (100cm on 75cm) is made of the same white interlock on the one side and very soft white teddy fabric on the other side. Both sides are attached to each other with a wide band of hand cut bias binding.
As a decorative element we heat-pressed a penguin on the blanket as Alfons his dad is crazy about those cute creatures.

A third blanket with the same measurements as the last one is also made of flannel and interlock; this time around both layers are attached to each other according to her guidelines.

Although we made 3 blankets according to 3 different methods I am still not able to determine to which method I give preference.
I am a super fan of putting piping in between two layers as the color of the piping can gorgeously accent the fabric. Nevertheless the other methods also have their charm and there was not a big noticeable difference in time it took to make the different blankets.

Alfons also got a towel with his name embroidered on it. We almost always give this to newborns, but this one was a special one as we embroidered his name entirely as it was written on his birth announcement.
Have a blissful life Alfons!

Fabric: The organic flannel with the elephant print and the one with the globules are from Rae Hoekstra from the Fanfare collection designed for Cloud9 Fabrics. The wide grey band of bias binding was cut out a piece of Kokoro Gris from Petit Pan.