Friday, 27 September 2013

Soon ...

Another present finished!
Mini-pillows for the best best ballet teacher and best equipped ballet school in Dubai.

The pillows are purple on one side and pink on the other, they are decorated with a silver ballerina.

To stow away the pillows we made a cute little bag, so the pillows do not get lost.

Soon, … when all the presents have been finished, our kids will be showing off their new outfits and items, but just not yet!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Most presents we work on, never make the blog, but this was too cute not to show you.

My friend supplied the garments and the idea.
I heat pressed the cute print onto the garments.
A romper for baby and a tank top for mum.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

She fooled me!

This morning Louka woke up with stomach pain. She is a born actress so I have to make sure she does not play me, just to get a day off from school. Today she actually really looked a bit sick, so I allowed her to stay home. Off course as soon as the school bus took off with her siblings she suddenly felt a lot better!
She fooled me! Not being sick at all!
Punishment for this ‘crime’: She had to cook dinner for the whole family. She wrote the shopping list, we did the shopping together and Louka made the meal entirely independent! She came into my workroom and asked a couple of questions but besides that used her cook book and didn’t need my help.

What we had for lunch:
Cake with cheese and bacon
Main course
Macaroni with cumin cheese sauce and bacon
Strawberry sauce with fresh yoghurt and honey

She enjoyed the punishment and me too honestly! Nevertheless she promised it will not happen again, as next time ‘sick girls’ can’t go to gymnastics training for a whole week!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Clothing for 'number five'

The wardrobe of Felix -sometimes referred to as 'number five'- is not really packed with new and vibrant clothes. Most of his clothes are hand-me-down items that are rather damaged and some of them just way to small.
The past couple of months he basically only got one homemade item. As he started nursery this week I urgently need to sew some new clothes for our youngest.
I started off easy by making a series of pajamas.

I made the pattern a couple of years ago and got inspiration in Kiind Magazine for finishing of the legs.

Next in the same series are blue Viking jumpsuit …

… and a grey Viking jumpsuit.

He also got a pajama with orange/red/white stars on it, finished with green cuffs.

And lastly we made a dark colored star-pajama with yellow cuffs.

He actually prefers to sleep naked, but the pajamas avoid him taking of his diapers during the night.

Not that pajamas are the kind of clothes he wears, going to school but it’s a start!

Star fabric: Maxi Stars from Hamburger Liebe bought at Michas Stoffecke
Retro square fabric: Maxi Stars from Hamburger Liebe bought at Michas Stoffecke
Grey Viking fabric: from Lillestof bought at Sjiekbiele
Blue Viking fabric: from Lillestof bought at Bambiblauw

Friday, 6 September 2013

School year 2013-2014

We are ready! Our weekly planning is a fact.
Now just find some spare time for all the planned sewing projects.