Friday, 25 October 2013

Un ugly duckling

We introduce you our ugly duckling. We used the same pattern to make a gymnastics bag a couple of times before, but this is the first one I really don’t like! Surely if you compare it with my favorite one, the current one is not pleasing to the eye. We still can’t blame the pattern but all the more the choice of fabric. But as the saying goes ‘des goĆ»ts et des couleurs ne disputent pas’, and our -meanwhile– five year old daughter was delirious with joy when she finally got her personal gymnastics bag! 

The bag is entirely made of fabric and colors of her own choice. Her name on the top is flocked in her handwriting and my sole input is the stars on either side of her name.

During the photo shoot she is showing off her new bag by putting it on her head, around her neck and in many more funny positions. 

When I ask her to hold it in a ‘normal’ way for a couple of pictures she immediately turns into a ‘not happy’ mood.

I honestly doubted strongly if I wanted to sew my label in, but I ended up adding it; nice or not nice it at the end it is a Curl Up creation!

Pink flower fabric: Bought at NaNaKid Boutique in Abu Dhabi.
Hello Kitty fabric: Bought at our dear friend Tahir in Satwa.
Pattern: Stof voor Durf-het-Zelvers

Thursday, 24 October 2013

In days long gone

October slipped by in a glimpse. It was super busy and there was not a lot of time left for social media; not for writing blogposts neither for reading your blogs. So it is time to achieve the right balance again and to make sure we do not have too much on our plate.
During Eid we did our best to do ‘nothing’, which still does not mean having a lie-in and read a book because that is out of the question with all five kids on school holidays.
We went to Sir Baniyas Island and enjoyed fully this well-deserved family vacation.
In 2009 we already visited the animal reserve. We took this picture.

Same spot but anno 2013.

We bumped into friends thanks to whom we now even have a version of the picture with all family members in it!