Thursday, 5 March 2015

Recycled goods for sale

I love to visit the shop for recycled goods in Belgium and since I found out there is one in the Emirate of Ajman, I always wanted to visit it but I just never found the time.
Today I discovered the shop and I took some pictures for you dear readers!
Enjoy the virtual visit of 'Take My Junk' in Ajman.


The department of the vacuum cleaners.

Most remarkable was the department of jeans and other clothes. The pile almost reached all the way to the ceiling and if you wanted to go to the next room with more clothes you had to crawl on hands and knees over the pile through the remainders of a door. Shopping here feels like taking participating a survival parcours.

Further I saw a room full of children toys,  located next to the store's bathroom.

And lost somewhere between the old lampshades I saw these frames of a newly wed couple, apparently they did not like the frames anymore; and probably they do not like each other anymore either.

Beds for big and small.

 Plenty of slatted bases to go with beds.

Not to forget a good mattress.

Also important for a good night's rest: a decent pillow.

The screws to put the beds back together were piled up on the floor.

I bought something today and will reveil it to you as soon as it is washed (read desinfected) and ready to be shown. Anyway for a proper treasure hunt a need a couple more days.
How can one not love this country, after 10 years I still discover surrealistic gems like this!

Tin, my dear friend, you would love this place and I am sure if you would still live in the UAE you would camp out here on a regulary.

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  1. you know me so well my friend! can't wait to visit you in the UAE! Will camp on the "kringwinkel"-stores here in Belgium for now.... kiss