Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Forgotten Jewels #8

The first performance made her hungry to do another one.
Also mum got involved and we performed together at the Belgian Gala Dinner 2014.

A duet from Louka and Moeke...

The solo part of Louka...

The solo part of Moeke...

This performance was in may 2014. And meanwhile we are here:

We allowed Louka to register for Belgium's Got Talent 2015 but never really thought we would make it anywhere as there are a lot of registrations every year.
Nevertheless meanwhile we have done the auditions and will be on television soon. We made it in the opening images of the first episode already as you can see in the video fragment.

I realise the last couple of posts are far from being sewing-related, but the Belgium's Got Talent performance required a onesie and we needed to thank our aerial teacher for her help. These sewed items will be posted soon!

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