Monday, 16 March 2015

Forgotten Jewels #9

We still have to show you how we thanked Valeria Baigacheva -our amazing silk teacher- last school year. Louka noticed while getting ready for our performances that Valeria could do with a new set of make-up bags, so we decided to make this our 2014 gift.

We did not really use a pattern; we just studied some existing make-up bags we own, until we came to these results. Inside the bags there are some separations to keep the bags a little organized.

 The logo of Artistic Performers could not be lacking. We heat pressed it on in a white-glittery vinyl.

As we did earlier for the kids gymnastics coaches we made Valeria a small aerial artist in a box.

Louka made the bun in the hair and I made the metal and fabric construction. In the background we glued some pictures of Louka and myself at practice the past year.

We also made a stamp –my first one ever!- to decorate a little card.

Meanwhile June is approaching fast so we will have to invent another thank you gift! HELP!

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