Thursday, 26 February 2015

Forgotten Jewels #7

Since Louka started to train Aerial Skills it became more a passion then just a hobby; once and a while she does an aerial performance.
In May 2014 I informed you that she was practicing for some private event but I never really got to post about the actual performance afterwards. Nevertheless we have lots of pictures of that event and it eventually even made local television.

During the rehearsel:

The real performance:

She performed at the opening Ceremony of the School Olympics, in presence of Sheikh Mohammed.
A huge adventure especially when we were last minute asked to dye her hair and limbs to make her look less pale. She enjoyed the whole experience fully and did not mind the color transformation at all. She wisely said that if you perform you always have to play a role and this time her role was ‘couleur locale’.

The show cheered the Sheikh and his family and how they transformed this land of sand of sea into a rich and famous country by hard work and willpower.

The scene was sumptuous as well as the sound and visual projections. The story revealed huge respect for the rulers of the UAE and gratefulness of the Emiratis towards them.

Patriotism ruled and Louka loved being part of it.

The leading girl of the play was an Emirati pur sang and you can clearly see that Louka was just painted her fair skin was shining through.

Afterwards it was time for pictures with the choreographer, producer,…

And last but not least at all with our all-time favorite Valeria Baigacheva, the most professional aerialist and acrobatic performer on the planet

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