Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Candy Shop Bubble dress

Guess what Jade is wearing today…

A Candy Shop bubble dress!

Definitely my new favorite pattern, super easy to assemble, although I doubt I will still like the dress while ironing it, as that seems to be less obvious then making the actual dress!

The pattern was drawn based on the patterns of these dresses. So the basis was an A-line dress. Some adjustments were made to bodice and skirt. The bodice was enlarged at the waistline but only with about a single cm. So the lining of the skirt part was made 1 cm wider as well. De outside fabric was made 6 cm wider at the waist and 11 cm underneath. The outside fabric is about 1.5 cm longer than the lining to avoid the lining from peeping out.

Firstly I finished the skirt, by attaching the lining to the outside fabric. Secondly I stitched the bodice, special attention went to making sure the design of the print was continuous on both sides of the blind zipper.
Lastly skirt and bodice were attached to each other.

I promise to publish some tutorials in November, this dress will be one of them as well as a pattern for the MacLaren liner, keep an eye on this blog.

I bought this Michael Miller fabric @ Vermiljoenshop.

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