Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Apples for MacLaren

Mama S requested to make three liners for her MacLaren strollers; two of them for their twin stroller and one for their single stroller. She emphasized that the liner had to stay nicely in place so we added a “hood” and two straps at the back to make sure the liner doesn’t slide downwards when her babies wriggle.
Mama S made a fantastic choice in fabrics and the result is “yummy”.

As we were in the mood we decided to make one more “apple liner” this time for the MacLaren of baby M!

The liner is pictured in a Bugaboo, which is not a perfect fit as it is suppossed to be used in a MacLaren. On top of that, this is not baby M, but our very own Curl Up baby, the only one of the Curl Up family who seems to have curly hair!

The apple fabrics were bought in various stores. The red apples we bought @ Cozette, and during Van Katoen we bought the last 1.5 meters of orange apples @ Bambiblauw. Later on I discovered that there even is a green version of the same fabric, but unluckily enough the European online shops I tend to buy from were all sold out. So I bought this fabric overseas (I do not remember exactly in which shop).

The By Graziela apples I spotted @ Vermiljoenshop, but by the time I decided to buy some meters they ran out of stock, only the orange/yellow version was still available. So I bought the green/blue apples directly from By Graziela.

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