Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dolphin spotting in Musandam

Locally, Eid al Adha, is a religious festive period, so dad does not have to work, the kids have no school and well also the sewing machine needed a break.
Ideal timing for a two day excursion to Musandam, also called the Northern Omani Peninsula.

We embarked on a dhow, an old wooden boat.

We went boating through the Musandam fjords – once and a while the captain got some assistance.

We ate.

We lounged.

We read.

We saw dolphins.

We collected coral – meanwhile our garden is decorated all over with coral.

We slept – by means of precautionary measure we slept in a tent, as one of the kids is a sleepwalker.

We swam.

We snorkelled.

We worked.

We argued.

We sang, shouted, and ran.

We acted tough.

We daydreamed.

We spotted ‘authentic’ rock-carvings – camels that were gouged out centuries ago.

And we gained plenty of solar energy, so we are ready to face daily life.


  1. If some one want to visit Dubai then you must visit Musandam Khasab

  2. Musandam Dibba The day trip to the scenic town of Dibba situated in the Musandam peninsula will set you on a diverse holiday