Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Retro Rocket Rascals

I am lucky. I live in a sunny country and … there are several numerous fabric and haberdashery shops. Unluckily these shops mostly offer silk, synthetic fabrics and disappointingly small amounts of cotton. The available cotton is very thin and suits merely as liner for clothes, besides retro prints are nowhere to be found locally.
Nevertheless sometimes my endless fabric searches are worthwhile, as once and a while a roll of fabric falls of a container on its way from China to America or Europe.
Recently I when shopping at Tahir in Satwa, I found a roll of Michael Miller his Retro Rocket Rascals.

I once bought 1.5 meters of this fabric online, and I economized the use as I considered it pretty precious. The local shop owner –not realizing the real value of this roll- was selling the fabric way undervalued. Which made me back then (and most probably you now) think the fabric most be a copy of the real stuff. The shop owner sold me 1 meter and promised me to keep the roll aside for a couple of hours. The fabric was washed together with the previously online bought scrap, result: NO DIFFERENCE!
I wisely decided to buy the whole roll and started producing various retro rocket rascals items.

A couple of weeks later the proud shop owner calls me in, telling me he has found another roll of the same fabric and that he kept it aside especially for me because: “I know Madame this is your favorite fabric!”
Too much of ought is good for nought! In the meantime both rolls (I could not tell the man I wasn’t interested in the second roll!) are gathering dust.

I am sure there are people among you that wouldn’t mind helping me reducing my Retro Rocket Rascals stock, so once this blog has 97 followers (I do not like round numbers), we will raffle 2.5 meters among the followers of this blog.

The winners of the previous give away were Dirk Van Landeghem and Delphie de Leyn, thank you for sending us an email with your address details so we can send you your pencil case.

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  1. I would love some of this fabric....!
    I love it!

    And I love the dress you made out of it!