Friday, 28 September 2012

Back ...

Back … online! No blog posts since July, we enjoyed some well-earned time off this summer. Nevertheless it is almost end of September so time to get back in our normal daily routine.

Back … into sports! The fractured collarbone did not heal properly and almost 3 months after breaking it we had surgery to fix the collarbone with a plate and six screws. Some weeks of hard work and a couple of buckets of sweet later and we are getting fit again. Can’t wait till the Asian Rugby Championships next weekend, followed by the kick-off of our local league championship.

But above all Back … to school! So time to show off our new school bags!

Elias picked a fantastic fabric from Jessica Jones. He is so ready to learn to read (Jessica Jones “Dawn Picket” - Noeks).

Omar choose HIS robots –since he had a pencil case made of this fabric he claimed the rest of the piece of robot fabric to be his! The inside of his bag had to be finished off with plane green. I would have used royal blue, but to be honest the green goes perfectly with the robot fabric (Kokka - Vermiljoenshop).

The missy does not actually really need a big school bag as such, but she did not want to start school without a homemade bag. Her choice of fabric: yellow and orange apples and the little bag on the inside same fabric but green and teal apples (by Graziela - Vermiljoenshop). 

Louka shows of the bag I made for myself.

We bought this delightful fabric @ Van Katoen; as it is canvas and the print is rather big I did not immediately have an idea on what to make with it, until I saw this picture! (Prints Charming “Daisy Chain” - Bambiblauw).

Not too many words, no tutorials but pictures that say it all.
Just maybe this: I like buying fabric online and do not mind not seeing the fabric when I buy. Nevertheless I hardly ever buy haberdashery such as bias binding, piping or webbing online. It is hard to find a perfect match if you can only see the items on the screen of your computer; besides some webbing is very expensive.
So we made the webbing for our schoolbags ourselves. We bought a very big role of nature colour cotton ribbon. The ribbon itself was not strong enough to serve as webbing and it was way too wide (10cm); so we folded the ribbon twice widthways and we stitched several fluorescent lines all along the length of the ribbon. This resulted in webbing that looks just perfect for the purpose being. The fluorescent details give the bags –especially the blue one we made for Elias- more cachet.

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  1. zot schoon!!!! super echt! ik ben helemaal jalours!!! ik wou dat ik ook zo'n boekentas/handtas had!! snik snik!

    Toevallig geen zin in een swapke??