Sunday, 10 April 2016

Julia - Compagnie M

Lots of sewing the last couple of months, but as my camera is currently on strike I have no real proof for all the work being done...
Rainy weather is a rather rare in the UAE, but this year it has rained more then we ever! So the 'cold' weather inspired us to make a jumper. Cold never stays cold here and when the jumper was finished the weather already turned around into the usual hot April temperatures. So she just put the jumper on for the pictures and it will remain in the cabinet till the summer when we go on holidays to Belgium.

We made a Julia sweater for Jade in a Bambiblauw fabric.
The pattern is very easy to assemble and the result is gorgeous. The size table is perfect for my rather small girl.

A picture jumper for our sporty girl.

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