Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Destination 'Abroad'

The kids' first gymnastics competition abroad! So they really needed matching tracksuits to get the team spirit going.
Making the outfits was a race against time. Before departure there was no time left to take pictures of the tracksuit. So thinking we could do this at our destination we did not stress about the blogpost just yet. At our destination the weather seemed just to warm for jumpers so we didn't get the full outfit on pictured so we decided to take pictures back home. In our bathroom the light seemed to be the best.

The girls got a Julia sweater and the boys a Leather Sweater. Oh boy those two patterns are a delight.
Easy to cut and to assemble, and a really gorgeous result.

The girls got a pair of our favorite gym pants, Alasya, and the boys a Randy pants. Overall the boys outfit was more work because we added a small green detail in the seams. Blue, green and white are the colors of the club and the kids looked really cool.

What started of as a 'normal' photoshoot quickly degenerated in a bathtub gymnastics session!
Apparently the bath suits perfectly as parallel bar ...

As a balance beam ...

But also acrobatic gymnastics is an option in our bathtub ...

Hilarious our sporty -and also slightly crazy- kids.
Lebanon, here we come!

As we have already spammed you with the outfit pictures, we will post the pictures of the trip itself later.

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