Saturday, 30 April 2016

About letting go and holding very tight

When the kids grow up and are chosen to participate in an exchange project with school than,.... 
1. Firstly you grow by pride.
2. Secondly you shout from the rooftops how important it is to let them go and spread their wings.
3. Thirdly when they are all packed and ready to get in the airplane you just want to hold them tight and not let them go.

Dear Louka, enjoy this amazing experience and your time in the USA. The pictures we have received make us happy and show you are having a great time! The cooler temperatures and green environment seems a breath of fresh air after many hot school years out in the desert.

Dear Mrs K and dear Mrs A, thank you for embracing our girl as if she was your daughter and P thank you for being a great company and caring as a brother. Don't forget to send her back, we miss her!

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