Monday, 9 February 2015

Forgotten Jewels #6

I already wrote about THE rugby event of the year in Dubai; although I failed to inform you that there was some kind of a garment-making-bet related to the rugby 7s this year.
After I saw the gorgeous jumpsuits my teammates purchased to support their favorite rugby nations, I got slightly jealous about the fact there were no available jumpsuits for Belgium supporters! Off course not! So I told them I would make one that would make them all jealous about not being Belgium supporters.
The creation already took shape in my mind but the actual production only happened very last minute. So there was no time left for a photo shoot.
This weekend when we went on a short family trip to the desert I decided it was time to reveal to you my Belgian jumpsuit.

Belgium above all!
Walloon Rooster on one side.

Flemish Lion on the other side.

Luckily nobody really knows about the community question in Belgium so I got no remarks or questions rand the Belgian Rugby players were just happy somebody clearly choose their side!

The fabric was purchased at Bengali Market in Ajman; it is always a pleasure to purchase 2 meter of fabric at 0.6€ /meter. The fabric needs a good wash before use but regardless of that is of superb quality.

The desert is an ideal spot to act silly and have great fun.

… and gives lovely family pictures.

Somebody send me this picture of the jumpsuit –and me- during the Dubai rugby 7s 2014, not the best pose, but the prove I really wore it during the event.

You can read more about what I did day two of this weekend on her blog:
Great article for all runners among you, a running team-relay of 72 kilometers, 1000 altitude meters up and down.
Wadi Bih, the run of a lifetime.

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