Sunday, 26 January 2014


Our globetrotter got mittens to take with her on her trip to Belgium. Secretly she was hoping for snow, she didn’t get to see any snow, but she was impressed by the ‘clouds’ coming out of her mouth while breathing.

Granny also got a pair of mittens, inspired by this pin we made ‘mommy mittens’, for the occasion called ‘granny mittens’.

Note to self: Do not postpone making cute things until the kids have outgrown them. These mittens look way more cute when you make them for toddler hands and not a teenager whose hands are almost the same size as those of her grandmother!

Pattern: I took the outline of her hand for her mittens and the outline of my own hands for granny her mittens.
Fabric: The teddy fleece was bought @ Sammtex in Ronse.

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