Monday, 13 January 2014

A weekend at Al Ain (hospital)

Last weekend the kids had a rugby tournament that started very early so we decided to make turn it into a family-weekend-trip. The first day we spend in Al Ain zoo, we stayed overnight at a local hotel, and on the second day the kids participated at the youth rugby festival.
The zoo suited us fine especially in comparison to Dubai Zoo –well Dubai Zoo is probably not worth the name Zoo!
Especially the monkeys worked inspiring!

Omar and Elias searched for the crocodiles.

Their search was rewarded as one of the crocodiles walked to the glass and proudly showed all her teeth.

We saw white lions, white tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, and lots of other animals.
Jade pushed her brother the whole time.

Well, until she got exhausted and then he sat on her lap for the remaining of the trip.

We ate real Belgian ‘Prins’-biscuits.

Dad left for the airport shortly after we finished our trip to the zoo and the kids slept all together in the big bed.
The kids played out of this world, first on and later of the pitch.

He finally wore this jacket without crying!

We should have left after the last game, because on the bouncy castle it went wrong!
Elias fell out of the back of the castle on the machine that inflates the air. As the castle was rather high the paramedic on duty did not take any risk and drove him with the ambulance to the hospital. He needed checkup and stitches (he finally got 4 stitches).

The siren coaxed a watery smile from Elias, so I knew that a concussion -feared by the paramedic- was probably not under discussion.
It took about 4 hours before he was taken care off and when the cashier appeared not to be on duty –on a break to pray. I nearly lost my patience, I desperately wanted to go back to pick up the other children whom I left alone with a –really nice- lady I never saw before!
All is well that ends well, the fraternal/sisterly love was never that big; and -after an exhausting drive home- we all slept in the double bed. All their warm bodies –with a here and there a scar- cozy together!

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