Sunday, 26 January 2014

More gifts for the cousins

The middle son of my eldest sister is only a couple of months younger than our youngest. Felix has outgrown these onesies already, so Felix as well as Cousin L got a jumpsuit as Christmas present.
Felix refuses point-black to wear homemade clothes when they are just finished, I have to hang them in his wardrobe first and then he might want to try them on.
So just like here, his sister got involved to show the new onesies. 

Her arms and legs are somewhat to long for her 2.5 year younger brother his clothes but we just managed to get her dressed.

Our children are incapable to pose in a normal way for a picture, they always have to overact and nowadays for Jade that means doing handstands or bridge.

Felix got a jumpsuit in blue dragon fabric and one in red ‘firefighter’ fabric.

All of a sudden Felix realized how much fun his sister was having in front of the camera. Jealous of the attention she got, he started to showcase his own gymnastics moves.

And he had no more objections in wearing the onesie for his cousin.

Keep practising for straddle and bridge darling!

Pattern: The pattern is the same as here, we made it a little bigger/longer then last time and the finishing of the sleeves is according to the method described in Kiind Magazine.
Fabric: The fire fighter fabric was bought @ Fatima in Ghent, the dragons where purchased online (if I remember well that was @ Bambiblauw) and the red ‘Funky Frames’ fabric was bought @Michas Stoffecke

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