Sunday, 5 May 2013

The lure of Wadi Ray

Two days in a row I designed patterns, washed fabric and cut fabric. This resulted in two piles of fabric to be assembled. The first pile contains yersey for 8 different garments.

The second pile cotton for 3 dresses.

Nevertheless this weekend we had something better to do than assemble the different items. The lure of Wadi Ray was bigger than the lure of the sewing machine.

The weather during the month of April was not the weather we are used to in the United Arab Emirates. At least 2 entire weeks it was cloudy and on several occasions it actually rained, sometimes even inclusive of thunder and lightning. This is pretty exceptional not only for this time of the year as well as just for the climate in this region in general.
Thanks to these conditions the temperatures are a couple of degrees lower than to be expected this time of the year; thus permitting a day trip to the mountains before summer temperatures hit.  
Hoping there would be water in our favorite wadi, we loaded the car and took off to the Omani border.
We were glad to find the highest water level in Wadi Ray we have seen in 9 years. 

The wadi was converted in a glorious mountain stream and did not look anywhere near the dry wadi we mostly visit.  
Our walk, which is usually dry and hot, was heavenly as we could just wade through the water.

We swom,

we clambered and slide,

and we splashed.

The area was nice and green and the fauna interesting. The children tried to catch frogs and we saw huge dragonflies.

We enjoyed our picknick, along and on the water.

Normally ‘strangers’ don’t make our blog, but this one does! Meet the suicidal gymnastics trainer of our children ...

A daytrip to cherish, as soon it will be too hot, even just to go outside.

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