Thursday, 2 May 2013

Family schedule

In order to be able to properly organize our family life we painted a magnetic chalkboard for the kitchen.

Every Saturday we write down the weekly activities as well as the menu for the coming week.

On top of that there is place for groceries. If someone finishes the last banana or uses the last bit of soap in the dispenser he/she has to find the corresponding magnet and put it on the board, to avoid stock problems.

We made the magnets ourselves. Some natural color cotton fabric was decorated with pastel blue lines and a vertical pink line just like ruled paper. The idea of ruled paper comes from here and here.

So the festive garland you saw here was converted into a set of kitchen magnets.

Our weekly calendar starts on a Sunday, which is not a mistake or a creative suggestion. Our week really starts on Sunday as the weekend is Fridays and Saturdays. We have to get used to over and over again every time we come back from Belgium.

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