Friday, 30 November 2012

Artificial grass and RUGBY!

It is time for the best weekend of the year again; this weekend it is Dubai Rugby Sevens. A full weekend of rugby, sweat, toned bodies and egg shaped balls.
Do not run away from this blog as you think rugby or sport in general isn’t your thing because it gets better!
This weekend I will not think about nor use my sewing machine, but every year I do spend a lot of time before the event to stitch up costumes or gadgets. The theme is usually grass oriented; as one of the sponsors of our local rugby club produces artificial grass. Every year we try to brighten up the event with some grass.
A T-shirt with some grass on the front and in the grass we attached a little plastic toy –a frivolous link to the country of origin of each player. The rugby pitch in Kuwait can use some grass, as you can see we play on sand only over there.

A hoodie with grass on the hood.

Close by this looks this.

An A-line dress completely out of grass. Pay close attention to the finishing of this dress; completely with lining and biais binding on arm and neck openings.
In the side there even is a zipper. The child’s size dress is a simplified version, velcro on both sides of the dress en no biais binding nor lining.

 Foto: Michael Hook - Lightbulb Studio

A beanbag with grass on the top.

Do not leave the plastic bag with styrofoam balls wonder around. Your kids might find the bag, jump on it and you will lose precious time to do fun things as you will have to remove styrofoam balls out of the whole backyard.

This weekend –for the second time this year- I represent the UAE and with the National Team we will play rugby against some big rugby nations such as Canadian Maple Leafs, South African University, Russian Regions, Swedish Vikings, and Kenyan Lionesses!
Wish me luck!

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