Monday, 14 May 2012

Lemon meringue pie

I realize I can not get away with talking about lemon meringue pie without giving the recipe. This is the way Louka likes her lemon meringue pie:

200 gr flour
8 eggs
80 gr caster sugar
100 gr salted butter
25 cl lemon juice
25 cl whipping cream
260 gr icing sugar

The dough
Mix 200gr of flour, 1 egg, 80gr of caster sugar and 100gr of salted butter (put the butter in the sun before you mould the dough -that means if there is a ray of sunshine available wherever you are). Mix these ingredients the old fashioned way, which means by hand en than flatten the dough in the cake tin, but only after you first buttered the cake tin.
Prod some holes in the dough before you put the cake tin in the oven (200°C ) until the dough looks auburn.

The filling
Whip 4 eggs with 200gr icing sugar, when this mixture is foamy add 25cl cream and 25cl lemon juice. Let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes -although due lack of time I always skip this step and it still tastes delicious- consequently pour the filling in the baked pastry shell.
Put this again in the oven (130°C ) and check regularly when the filling starts stiffening up, only take the cake out of the oven when the filling is no longer fluid.
Let the cake rest in the fridge for about one hour before you add the finishing touch and put the cake in the oven for one last time. Good guess, this step was again something which is only executed by Bree Vandekamp and as I have probably more the same time schedule as Lynette I usually skip the fridge part and go straight into putting the finishing touch on the top.

The TOP layer
Whisk the white of 3 eggs together with 60gr icing sugar. Cover the lemon tart with this meringue and put back in the oven (180°C) until the white turns slightly golden brown.
If you ever bake this cake for us or if you feel like you need lots of sugar, then feel free to double the quantities of the top layer, which results in a snowy mountain of meringue.

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