Sunday, 20 May 2012

And then ... there was a party

The month of May is a month of parties for the Curl Up family. Papa and moeke got a year older again and the youngest family addition got a lemon meringue pie with his very first candle.
So … we threw a party. A party, that means drinks, and drinks that means ice, and to keep drinks cold when its 40°C outside you need a lot of ice.

But we ordered more ice than we had cool boxes, so 50 kg ice was used to cool down our overheated little ones. They were super happy; as it’s the first time they saw snow in our garden.


The whole family helped cutting, baking, and decorating; and we were happy with the result. Especially the couscous seemed to be liked by the party gang.
Nina gave us the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes we have ever seen/tasted, made be a friend of her.
Blue selection
Colourful selection

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