Monday, 14 May 2012

Double celebration

Today it is double party time. Felix turns 1 year old and we posted our first post @ the new Curl Up blog! A blog about life in the United Arab Emirates, sewing, cooking, rugby, a garden filled with kids, and what to do with big, middle and small size fabric scraps. Hoorah!

The four other kids couldn’t decide which pie was most suited for today’s celebrations, so we just made them all. Omar and Elias decided we had to make a brownie; Louka just always goes for lemon meringue pie and Jade choose Cornflakes pralines.  

As the kids were allowed to help, of course the kitchen was a big mess when we finished, especially as Jade dropped the box of Cornflakes on the floor. Luckily we have enough brushes and a very good vacuum.

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