Thursday, 6 November 2014

Shoulder bag # 3

We already announced we were making a third one, and now the bag is ready. 

Just like the previous one this bag is the smaller version of recipe 27 from Zo Geknipt 1.
This time around we did not use special webbing (just a piece we made from the same fabric of bags’ fabric), but we did make another piece of macram√© to help open the tiny zipper.

The piping is gold color and we ironed some home-cut golden birdies on the plain outside fabric of the bag. 

I have more bags now than ever, and can change them around depending of my mood!
Next time maybe something from Zo Geknipt 2 - maybe that lovely the sleeping bag?
Pattern: The pattern is recipe 27 from the book Zo Geknipt.
Fabric: Came from my huge stash of fabric and I have no clue where I bought it.

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