Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Billy times three

This was the first in a series of 'limited edition' Billy bookcases; meanwhile we made three more.
And two for the girls' bedroom.

One for the boys' bedroom.

I venture to say I am an expert now. Everybody who hesitates to make his own version I would say: just do it!
It is fun, easy and the result is stunning.

I assemble the whole cabinet (do not nail the backpanel to the shelves), and mark the desired height of the shelves. Remove the backpanel, cut the fabric at the correct size. Prepare some white glue (schoolglue, or woodglue) by mixing it with water until it is a watery solution. Somewhere between 1(water)/1(glue) and 2 (water)/1 (glue).
Now comes the secret trick: soak the fabric and wring the fabric out; thus you avoid squander your glue mixture (you will need less glue mixture if you wet the fabric beforehand) and it will be easier to apply the glue. Place the fabric on the appropriate spot and apply the glue mixture.
Let it dry, put the backpanel back in the cabinet frame, place the shelves and ... admire your new piece of furniture.

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