Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Since she was 6 years old she wants to travel independantly to Belgium to visit her family during the Christmas holidays. We tried to postpone it a little but meanwhile Louka is 9 (just not 10 years old) and she flew all alone from Abu Dhabi to Brussels this week.
As proud as punch she arrived with a suitcase filled with homemade present at her grandparents place.

Her hand luggage was stuffed in a newly made backpack. 

She herself choose the fabrics and we brainstormed together about the pattern. She picked ‘toile cirĂ©e’ from Petit Pan in various colors.
We decided to make a backpack with a single shoulder/waist strap.

Inside there is place for her passport, some reading books/magazines, the official-flight-paperwork can be stowed away seperatly, her home keys are on a sling inside the bag, and there is a small zippered pouch to store some money.

The Ipod Touch, her early Christmas present, can be stowed away in a tiny little pouch on the front side of the shoulder strap.
For the occasion she borrows my headphones.

A bottle of water is within arm’s reach and there is some storage space in the front flap as well.

She is well armed against the cold, as ‘Sinterklaas’ brought a lovely thick jumper earlier this month. Hopefully it doesn’t rain too much as we didn’t buy a raincoat.

The journey passed off quietly. No tears, at least not from Louka, all the more from her brothers who were scared something would happen to their sister.

How cute is that?!

Enjoy yourself and see you soon big sister!

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