Monday, 30 December 2013

And now ...

And now ... we can finally present you the homemade gifts for the cousins!
The three sons of my youngest sister received a jumper; we adapted the pattern of the hoody from the book Stof-voor-durf-het-zelvers and made a hoodie without a hood!
Her eldest son, cousin J, got a Viking jumper, Louka poses with a jumper just a little too small for her, but perfect for her 7 year old cousin. As I am the godmother of cousin J, he also got another gift which we will show later.

Her second son, cousin L, got a jumper with elephants. According to Omar the jumper fits like a glove! He actually wants to keep it for himself!

The third son in the row, cousin A, got a dragon-jumper! Jade shows off a jumper that fits her perfectly; nevertheless the jumper is on the short side for her cousin. A cousin who is 18 months younger than her! He is about to turn 4 but looks like a 6 year old!

The eldest son of my elder sister also got a jumper. Cousin O got an elephant jumper in a different color combination than cousin L.

Luckily we more or less have at least one child to pose with every jumper that was made!

Pattern: The hoodie pattern from Stof-voor-Durf-het-Zelvers.
Fabric: The elephant fabric is from Nosh Organics bought @ Roos en Violet. The dragon fabric is from Znok and the Vikings are from Bora for Lillestof, both bought @ Bambiblauw.

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  1. Do you have any more of the dragon fabric? Im in very dear search of that print!