Thursday, 21 March 2013

Limited Edition

I sincerely think our local Ikea branch has a stock problem. The staff denies with a smile; but where are the nice pillow cases, napkins, and gadgets in bright fashionable colors? The only thing they have a load of are Samla storage boxes, they are exposed at every corner.
The ‘Limited Edition’ version of the Billy bookcase –the one with the turquoise inside and white outside- that I had in mind for the boys bedroom seems to be sold out.
Out of sheer necessity I bought the normal white version. Back home we made our proper ‘limited edition’.

The bookcase was temporary assembled to mark the height of every shelf. Consequently the fabric was cut to size and glued to the back of the cabinet with some homemade modpodge (I just mixed white school glue with water). Our homemade Billy bookcase!

I do not like the idea of fabric and glue; because if you do not like your project after gluing it all together you cannot recycle the fabric anymore. Nevertheless in this case necessity knows the law.
Luckily the boys, myself and even our dinosaurs are happy with the result …

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  1. I love this! It looks brilliant, it has inspired me to try the same thing in my 'craft room'(spare room) this weekend, thank you!