Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Gymnastics outfit: part 2

Internet let us down again so it took us a while to post the gymnastics outfit, but here we go....
Louka asked for a gymnastics costume with a dragon, or … maybe she preferred stars, but then again flowers can be nice as well, …? A difficult decision; so we decided to make a series of costumes and so avoid deciding.
All three the outfits went down well with Louka en she enjoyed even more than usual while taking the shots for the blog. We both show a preference for the pictures taken at ‘aerial skills’ training.
As proud as punch and with a big smile she shows off her ‘tricks’ and off course also a little the gymnastics outfits.

The aerial skills classes take place in fantastic surroundings. The girls are performing on the satin fabric in between the paintings and sculptures in a local art gallery, ArtSawa.

This green outfit was made from swim costume fabric, we bought at Tahir. We embroidered neon pink flowers to decorate the outfit.

The outfit with the fire-breathing dragon …

And finally her absolute favorite: The stars! The color combination makes it look like we want to advertise for America en that was not the purpose, but Louka doesn’t care a toss and cheerfully swings around with it.

I designed the pattern based on the shape of her swim costume and some old gymnastics costumes. The nicky velvet fabric was less rigid than the swim costume fabric so the pattern was cut a little larger when using the swim costume fabric.

Exhausted after class. 

The outfits we made for Jade will be presented later. I do not inform you in advance when, as internet is not as reliable at the moment as I wish for.

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