Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sit back and relax

To give the broken collar bone the chance to heal, I got the advice to sit still and be patient. The first time I might not have followed this advice very strictly, so I lifted our 8 kg baby. I thought this was no problem as it did not really hurt, but the bone did not agree. The fracture, which was initially not displaced, shifted out of place.

Result: a couple extra weeks of sitting back and relaxing. So, I have lots of time to test chairs, beanbags, and couches but not so much luck on stitching.
My favorite chair of the moment is: The Flux Chair.

Genius: an envelope that folds into a comfortable designer chair. When folded it doesn’t take a lot of space, looks great, and on top of that feels good when you sit in it. The Flux chair is available in an adult and a Junior version.

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