Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Party time

The end of the school year is approaching: so time for some last minute birthday parties. Louka her party should have been in January but the poor thing broke her wrist. So the party was postponed to a later date. Four months she needed to convince me to finally throw her party. And then, I decided two organize all the 2012 birthday parties at once, not the actual party of course! I chose two consecutive Saturdays, so the party fever is a little distributed and I do not see myself running around in our garden, checking on about 20 kids aged between 3 and 9 years old! But so I can send out the emails and make the party bags all in one go. Regarding those party bags: the result actually made me feel happy. (Not the pictures, as I do not seem to get them pictured properly). Every kid chose his own decoration for on the outside of the bag.

Inside the bags we put a T-shirt decorated with a drawing of the party animal and a matching badge. We also added a little bag with homemade kids tattoos, of course also with drawings the kids made their selves.

The party bags were sealed with some Washi Tape. Finally a container of gorgeous, colourful tape found its way to the Middle-East.
After the party, we enjoyed a warm bath and then we were ready to go to bed. The new Tshirts served as sleeping dresses.

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