Sunday, 27 September 2015

Summer Sewing #3

Surprisingly enough our eldest wanted something the little one got! Usually it is the other way around.

She choose the fabric she liked in a Belgian online shop (I forgot @ which one we found it). I did not bother too much about the details mentioned in the pattern, the waistband was a simple contrasting line of elastic fabric instead of a tunnel with a rope.

Fast but beautiful and easy we used elastic binding to finish all openings. It was the first time ever I used elastic binding and I have to admit easy and clean!

According to our fashionista the back side should have been the front so we made a note for next time!

When clothes fit well our children have the urge to proof it by means of gymnastics skills.
So here we go again. This time showing off aerial and back somersault.

Pattern: Knippie, nr3 year 2015

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