Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Forgotten jewels #1

The past year raced along and now it’s 2015! There definitely were not enough days I 2014 and I did not have enough hours a day; well clearly I plan too many things to do and never get to finish everything I plan.
Some creations were never photographed, some pictures were not worked on, some pictures are ready to be published but I had no time to write the accompanying text,… name it! There is always a reason to postpone posting a story.
So with the start of this New Year, I will show you the forgotten jewels of 2014. Sometimes with a little story attached to it and sometimes without words, but always in pictures.

I want to start with the last project of 2014. You already saw the test version of the Dalton pants. Well it did not end there, both Felix and Jade got 4 more Dalton pants.

Jade is extremely happy with this one and she shows here happiness regular by performing handstands. The fabric is from Froy and Dind.

Jade picked the location for this photoshoot and she had a clear idea in which sportive position she wanted to be immortalized.

The fabric is the jersey edition of Flight Dusk from the The Grove collection of Birch Organic Fabric, I used the canvas edition of the same print before for this bag.

This floral fabric is from Petit Pan and the cuff fabric I bought @ Tahir. Jade choose the combination and initially I was not convinced with her choice but in all fairness this pants looks amazing on her.

According to jade this last one is a pajama pants, as snow white is sleeping on the print she considers it only suitable for bedtime; which is just fine by me as long as the pants gets worn.

Felix his favorite is the one with the blue squirrels.

Felix is not the easiest one the photograph, he just runs back and forth at the playground and does not want to stand still to pose. Consequently the following pictures are not the best ever.
One in Petit Pan cotton.

A Dalton in jersey from Froy and Dind.

And finally some Scandinavian police officers and thiefs finished with prison-stripes-cuffs. Against all odds he actually likes this one the least! Childish designs are not so much his thing.

I often make series of the same pattern. Once the series is finished, the pattern implacably disappears in the ‘been there done that’-drawer of my cabinet. The Dalton pattern will definitely be used again and most probably I will draw it in size 8 years, 12 years and since this pants looks incredibly comfortable maybe even in size 40?!

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