Thursday, 28 November 2013

Back to basics!

Yesterday the UAE got selected as organizer of the WorldExpo 2020. It was hard not to get tempted; I almost blinded you again with pictures of the fireworks and sound fragments of the honking cars following the announcement. Or I could have written a lament about the fact that at 10pm we got a message that the school would close the following today to celebrate winning the election. But no, I will not get myself seduced to write about any of this, after all I have the next 7 years to write about the upcoming WorldExpo.
I promised this post would not cover the weather, wouldn’t be showing holiday pictures nor rugby reports, but it would be about sewing! And I keep my promise.

I present you my new shoulder bag!

I made the webbing as I described here, but this time I did not stitch symmetrical lines.

I made the big version of the bag mentioned in the book, as after all I still have one child in diapers and also the treasures the other kids find all over town sometimes need some storage.

Although the choice of fabrics is exactly as I pictured I am not completely happy with its size. The bag is rather big. I could do with a smaller version!

Pattern: The pattern is recipe 27 from the book Zo Geknipt.
Fabric: The fabric is a combination of Flight Dusk and Poppies Mineral from The Grove collection of Birch Organic Fabric. The fabric was bought oversea @ Fabricworm.

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