Sunday, 15 September 2013

She fooled me!

This morning Louka woke up with stomach pain. She is a born actress so I have to make sure she does not play me, just to get a day off from school. Today she actually really looked a bit sick, so I allowed her to stay home. Off course as soon as the school bus took off with her siblings she suddenly felt a lot better!
She fooled me! Not being sick at all!
Punishment for this ‘crime’: She had to cook dinner for the whole family. She wrote the shopping list, we did the shopping together and Louka made the meal entirely independent! She came into my workroom and asked a couple of questions but besides that used her cook book and didn’t need my help.

What we had for lunch:
Cake with cheese and bacon
Main course
Macaroni with cumin cheese sauce and bacon
Strawberry sauce with fresh yoghurt and honey

She enjoyed the punishment and me too honestly! Nevertheless she promised it will not happen again, as next time ‘sick girls’ can’t go to gymnastics training for a whole week!

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