Thursday, 20 June 2013


This title assumes a blog post about these famous pants. Nevertheless this blog post regards ‘Jacob’, a little retro shop in Ghent. We live in a so-called shopping paradise; still I prefer shopping in my hometown. This summer we will surely visit the shop and hopefully find children’s clothes to spend some money on.
As I patiently have to wait a couple more weeks before I will be able to shop back home, I spoiled our youngest with a homemade version of this ‘Jacob dress’.

We bought this dress last summer in Jacob and meanwhile the dress became far too short for jade.

The original dress is vintage, swirls around perfectly, and fits Jade perfectly; but is made out of uncomfortable fabric.
It is her absolute favorite dress –she even sometimes wears it to go to bed!

Thus, the youngest daughter got a Curl Up version of the Jacob dress.

When her older sister saw the dress, she insisted on getting an identical copy for herself.

And … what we usually avoid for our twin boys –dressing them identically- we exceptionally did it for the girls; they got identical dresses!

The details of the Curl Up-Jacob-dress match the details of the original vintage dress. The actual pattern was drawn by me. I used the basic perfect fit bodice from our girls as basis and added sleeves and a collar. The skirt is a 2/3 circular skirt. The dress swirls just like the original one and the fabric we used is more comfortable. Mission accomplished!

For all the Jacob-pants-lovers … the pattern finally got assembled and we are working on our own version of the pants, some more patience and then you get pictures of the result!

Royal blue fabric: Robert Kaufman his Kona Solids bought @ Classic Quilts & Quilting
Flower fabric: bought @ Cozette

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