Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cozette enlightens

Every morning at the crack of dawn, we enjoy the view of the tallest building in the world. 

The view on the backside of the house keeps us down to earth.

We rent a house that is perfectly sized to fit the whole family and a comfortable workroom. The only disadvantage –likewise most rental houses in the area- is the poor quality of the workmanship; topnotch Made-in-China.
Every week I have to do the tour of the house with hammer and screwdriver to fix broken door handles, to retighten drooping kitchen cabinet doors, to glue loose tiles, to replace broken lights,…
In some cases the repair works are more elaborate, for example that time at the end of 2012 when -in the middle of the night- the chandelier fell of the ceiling.
Not really funny as the thing came with the rental house and was –completely not according to my own style- made of glass beads who didn’t survive the fall.

Inspired by the lampshade we received from Cozette last summer, we made our own lampshade to replace the broken one.

Hanging a single lampshade was not an option as that does not provide enough light for the workroom. Consequently we made 6 lampshades with varying diameters.

We bought a couple of meters of electrical cord in this online shop with an extensive choice and great service!

Each lampshade hangs at a different height from the ceiling.

I got some help to attach the chandelier as I do not have a lot of confidence in the local electricity. To demonstrate why: this is how the wiring looks behind our house.

There are numerous online guidelines on how to decorate lampshades, but most of them describe to glue the fabric on the lampshade. The genius system of Cozette does not include glue only needle and thread. Consequently, the fabric cover can easily be washed or even replaced by another fabric. The used fabric can then be recuperated!
I will not write a detailed manual on how to make a lampshade, because, as mentioned before, it is her procedure. You are free of course to contact Cozette to follow a workshop and learn to cover your own lampshades, or you can just buy one.

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