Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Reversible hoody with a zipper

A whole week we had no access to the internet! The construction workers who are building a new house further down the street, snipped our cable in two, to provide internet for the new house?! 
No internet, that means: more time to stitch. So we finally finished the reversible hoody, maybe better called the jacket for Felix.

The pattern is from Stof voor Durf-Het-Zelvers a stylish dutch sewing book. We slightly changed the pattern; we made the hoody reversible and added a zipper. A jumper with a jacket is more convenient for us, as the weather is never really cold, and the zipper makes it a light jumper.

One side of the hoody is made from Liandlo fabric, bought at KitschyCoo. The other side is a kind of cotton knit fabric in red and white. I bought this fabric at Bengali Market in Ajman for a ridiculous 1.2 euro per meter.
The backside of the fabric is very nice, so we used the backside as the visual part for this hoody.

I am pretty happy with the result although it was supposed to look slightly different. First of all, I planned to use yellow knit cuff fabric, but I accidently cut red trimming. I only realized when it was largely too late.
Secondly, the hoody was sewn together a couple of weeks ago but I could not find a reversible zipper. A reversible hoody without a reversible zipper can no longer be called a reversible hoody, so I kept on searching and found one reversible zipper; a blue one –I actually wanted a red zipper. Luckily the blue matches well with the red side of the hoody.

Lastly something else most be wrong with the hoody; because as soon as my son saw me walk towards him with the hoody, he ran away crying out loud. He kept on crying and running away from the camera until we took the hoody off. More snot and tears all over the pictures than anything else.

Therefore we asked Felix his sister for help, she is not that much bigger than our little man so the hoody fits her as well.
Also Jade was not really in to pose for the camera, but she was easily blackmailed with the promise of some chocolate in exchange for her nicest smile.
So the initial I-do-not-want-to-pose-face …

was followed by the toothpaste smile …

the spontaneous smile …

the passport photo pose …

and also a picture where she clearly spells the word cho-co-laaaa!

I hope we face a good summer in Belgium, otherwise we risk Felix runs around crying the whole summer.

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